Saturday, March 6, 2010

God... are you there??

why do i feel so lonely?
is there anyone for me?
who can wipe away my tears
and set my heart free?

Why do i feel unsatisfied?
why do i feel so low?
why isn't there anyone to share with,
my sorrows and woe?

why is my belief shaking?
why do i not feel good?
why isn't optimism creeping,
like i thought it would?

why do i feel i have no one?
still i feel so tied..
who is it that i have to please
inspite of my soul getting dried?

why am i not happy with what i have?
why do i need soo much more?
is it my innate ambitiousness
or my self doubt that shows me the door?

Where is the confidence i used to have
in my days young and fresh?
have i set in, what's gone wrong?
why does sadness now caress?

why does hope feel like a distant echo,
is it 'coz i lost my mum?
i have no one to guide me through,
to love me and get me on the run?

will i ever feel that confident again?
that someone loves me true?
without thinking of themself first,
will strive to take me through.

have i done good deeds enough?
to find such a one in this birth?
or do i have to feel an ascetic
till my life becomes dearth.

is there something i can do
right now to get it going?
or is it you , o mighty lord,
who're still not over with your playing?

why is it that when i try
with all my might , i lose?
but when i leave it to destiny,
things run to me to choose?

what is it you want? o god tell me,
do you want me to struggle and strive?
but that won't help me get what i want,
and you'll give me something else to thrive?

lord, if you could just tell me now,
what's in store for me?
am i going to be punished for my sins
or for me someone there'll be?

i'm unable to go to sleep,
i feel so blue and alone,
please god, please help me
get into the optimist, confident zone...!!!

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