Saturday, March 6, 2010

God... are you there??

why do i feel so lonely?
is there anyone for me?
who can wipe away my tears
and set my heart free?

Why do i feel unsatisfied?
why do i feel so low?
why isn't there anyone to share with,
my sorrows and woe?

why is my belief shaking?
why do i not feel good?
why isn't optimism creeping,
like i thought it would?

why do i feel i have no one?
still i feel so tied..
who is it that i have to please
inspite of my soul getting dried?

why am i not happy with what i have?
why do i need soo much more?
is it my innate ambitiousness
or my self doubt that shows me the door?

Where is the confidence i used to have
in my days young and fresh?
have i set in, what's gone wrong?
why does sadness now caress?

why does hope feel like a distant echo,
is it 'coz i lost my mum?
i have no one to guide me through,
to love me and get me on the run?

will i ever feel that confident again?
that someone loves me true?
without thinking of themself first,
will strive to take me through.

have i done good deeds enough?
to find such a one in this birth?
or do i have to feel an ascetic
till my life becomes dearth.

is there something i can do
right now to get it going?
or is it you , o mighty lord,
who're still not over with your playing?

why is it that when i try
with all my might , i lose?
but when i leave it to destiny,
things run to me to choose?

what is it you want? o god tell me,
do you want me to struggle and strive?
but that won't help me get what i want,
and you'll give me something else to thrive?

lord, if you could just tell me now,
what's in store for me?
am i going to be punished for my sins
or for me someone there'll be?

i'm unable to go to sleep,
i feel so blue and alone,
please god, please help me
get into the optimist, confident zone...!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

It's lovely to have someone... (love poem)

It's so lovely to have someone
care for you,
A person who's yours
heartful and true..

Who loves you with every
beat of their heart,
You can never ever
let them depart..

You can share your woes,
your guilt, your sin,
Without them, you're
a fish without your fin..

Every deed you do
every talk you say,
Is an attempt to
give them a better day..

Your life is for them
your soul is theirs,
You believe God never made
a better pair..

The sight of their face
you get joy untold,
Their company you get
oh! you've never felt so bold..

When their voice you hear
your beat skips a mile,
Your heart leaps
your grin is as wide as Nile..

When they give you
the meaningful look,
You go bashful
every cranny and nook..

No other soul
has a place in your heart,
Your love for them
is always a fresh start..

So if you get such a person in your life
never lose them in your whim,
Remember, they're a gift God gives
only to souls very dear to him..!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My son...(Love between mother and son...a poem)

He was a beautiful child
With big blue eyes,
He'd gone on his mother
And that was my prize...

I adored him with
all my love,
He was my soul
A gift from above...

Slowly he grew
A marathon toddler,
I would just sit and watch him
My little cute cuddler...

Then he joined school
Always used to top,
My eyes cried with pride
He had no stop...

Then he went to junior school
They called him a stud,
My little cute toddler
Had grown up from the bud...

His never ending tales
About girlfriends at school,
His little braggings about
His skills at pool...

Now he was in college
Had a good friend named Sara,
He seemed to forget about me
But I didn't mind it...

He was my life
He was my heart,
Whether he remembered or not
He was my part...

Now he was married
Sara had a beautiful girl,
My sweet little granddaughter
She was my pearl...

I tried to help them
Settle into their lives,
I started babysitting Ann
All my old love revived...

But I was useless to my son
Or that's what he said,
My only use was for Ann
Else I should stay in bed...

I was now a load
For the piece of my heart,
My little toddler was so big
He no longer felt he was my part...

I was trouble for his little family
I was 75 and old,
Now that I couldn't run to the heater
if it ever grew cold...

I was no use to him
I realized and withdrew,
There would be no more
"Mummy I'm frightened, can I sleep with you?"

He was not my son now
But a father and a husband,
I'm a burden now
One they can't withstand...

So I'm being sent to a home
Meant for people like me,
People who love their children with life
But are a burden to see...

I can't live without my son
But he can't live with me,
So I'm going; to live with some aliens
'coz I want my toddler to be happy...

Please God don't make my son forget me
'coz I can't live with him apart,
Maybe someday he'll realize
that he's still a part of my heart...!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Friend...

On a dreadful, lonely day,
I was crossing the bridge to the other side of the bay...

Cursing my friend for deserting me,
"On the thorny bridge, at least he could have offered company !"

Thank God ! The bridge was rocky no more,
It had flowers strewn all over the floor...

"I'm grateful god!" I prayed on my way,
For making me realise the truth of the day...

Never depend on friends, they're not meant to be,
The path was bettered only because devotion was in me...

So still thinking that I would not be like my friend,
I continued my journey right till the end...

But the sight at the other side left me shocked
Tired and tattered stood my friend, looking completely knocked...

"How was your journey? I tried my best ,
sorry couldn't find more flowers", he said in a jest...

Tears welled up in my eyes as I hugged my friend,
Feelings of guilt and self pity all followed trend...

God loves me, he had just proved,
By giving me the most precious friend who stood...!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Our Friendship...

Sometimes I ponder;
What is the proof of the bond between us?
Maybe it's that :
When you smile, my eyes smile..
When you cry, my heart skips a mile..
When you hurt me, my heart cries..
But when I hurt you, my soul dies !

Come Back...!

A lonely tear is set out free
I'm sitting alone for all to see...
You're far away, how can it be?
My heart cries out "COME BACK TO ME !"

To Someone...

You make my heart make it go zoom with excitement. The mere image of your face makes my heart's strings start playing the sweetest tune in paradise.

Your voice makes my heart skip beats, it jumps leaps and bounds. Every other memory fades away. Your honey-sweet voice keeps singing in my ears. The core of my heart gets shaken.

When you're not with me, I feel desperate to get to you. Your mere thought makes me bashful. My cheeks go pink , my mind goes 'boom' when I think of you. Your influence on me is so tremendous that if you are hurt, my eyes cry. Your pain is unbearable to me.

I care for you from every drop of my blood. No matter how much I try , you'll always remain close to my heart. When your thought comes, all the evils of my brain, all the thinkings in my brain vanish. When with you, or while talking to you, only I talk, pure, with nothing in my mind.

I don't know what is it you have that makes you so powerful to me, but I really lose to my heart. My brain is stronger than my heart on all occasions, but just with you it gets really weakened.

I don't know why this is as it is. I don't know its significance, what it is. But it is there, and it has some purpose...