Friday, October 23, 2009

It's lovely to have someone... (love poem)

It's so lovely to have someone
care for you,
A person who's yours
heartful and true..

Who loves you with every
beat of their heart,
You can never ever
let them depart..

You can share your woes,
your guilt, your sin,
Without them, you're
a fish without your fin..

Every deed you do
every talk you say,
Is an attempt to
give them a better day..

Your life is for them
your soul is theirs,
You believe God never made
a better pair..

The sight of their face
you get joy untold,
Their company you get
oh! you've never felt so bold..

When their voice you hear
your beat skips a mile,
Your heart leaps
your grin is as wide as Nile..

When they give you
the meaningful look,
You go bashful
every cranny and nook..

No other soul
has a place in your heart,
Your love for them
is always a fresh start..

So if you get such a person in your life
never lose them in your whim,
Remember, they're a gift God gives
only to souls very dear to him..!

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