Thursday, October 22, 2009

My son...(Love between mother and son...a poem)

He was a beautiful child
With big blue eyes,
He'd gone on his mother
And that was my prize...

I adored him with
all my love,
He was my soul
A gift from above...

Slowly he grew
A marathon toddler,
I would just sit and watch him
My little cute cuddler...

Then he joined school
Always used to top,
My eyes cried with pride
He had no stop...

Then he went to junior school
They called him a stud,
My little cute toddler
Had grown up from the bud...

His never ending tales
About girlfriends at school,
His little braggings about
His skills at pool...

Now he was in college
Had a good friend named Sara,
He seemed to forget about me
But I didn't mind it...

He was my life
He was my heart,
Whether he remembered or not
He was my part...

Now he was married
Sara had a beautiful girl,
My sweet little granddaughter
She was my pearl...

I tried to help them
Settle into their lives,
I started babysitting Ann
All my old love revived...

But I was useless to my son
Or that's what he said,
My only use was for Ann
Else I should stay in bed...

I was now a load
For the piece of my heart,
My little toddler was so big
He no longer felt he was my part...

I was trouble for his little family
I was 75 and old,
Now that I couldn't run to the heater
if it ever grew cold...

I was no use to him
I realized and withdrew,
There would be no more
"Mummy I'm frightened, can I sleep with you?"

He was not my son now
But a father and a husband,
I'm a burden now
One they can't withstand...

So I'm being sent to a home
Meant for people like me,
People who love their children with life
But are a burden to see...

I can't live without my son
But he can't live with me,
So I'm going; to live with some aliens
'coz I want my toddler to be happy...

Please God don't make my son forget me
'coz I can't live with him apart,
Maybe someday he'll realize
that he's still a part of my heart...!!

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