Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Something inside my heart says
Let me come out...
Please do me this favor
I'm feeling left out.

Why do you nurse me
night and day...
When you know that
I am so stray?

Why do i find that you are so kind
To care for me and my brothers...
While just to care about my kin in their heart
Is the nature of some others.

Why do I find that just for me
Your heart weeps like lime...
While the other person who made me cry
Is having a wonderful time?

I taught you love
I taught you hate...
But the consequences
Are all your fate.

I taught you laugh
I taught you cry...
And without me
You'd be all dry.

When you were little, I taught you life
You didn't even know I existed...
But remember this, my dear old friend
That none of this is listed.

So I beg of you, my heart and soul
Never leave me apart...
But don't care for me so much
That you lose your heart.

I'm a major part of you
My ways are soothing and healing...
And if you still don't recognize me
Dear, I'm your 'Feeling' !

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